New Jersey Plastic Surgery Testimonials

My name is Susan, and if you are reading this, you’re considering having cosmetic surgery. I’ve written an account of my experience and hopefully you will find this helpful.

One of my outstanding features has always been my blue eyes. As time went by, I became acutely aware that my eyes were being overshadowed by my upper lids that seemed to be getting heavier. Sometimes I would just feel fatigued, other times people I worked with would make comments like ‘ You look tired’. It became easier just to smile than to tell them , ‘No, it’s my fat eyelids!’. I also felt that the weight of my lids were accentuating the creases at the corners of my eyes. The ultimate motivation was when I looked at myself in the mirror, after a GOOD night’s sleep and still looked the same.

I decided to do some investigating. I met with Dr. Lat and Dr. Garcia-Lat. They were both very kind, compassionate and competent. Their credentials were top notch, the office was impeccable and the supportive staff was understanding and knowledgeable. I was impressed. If I was to go through with this I would have it done here. Also, it was reassuring seeing little kids come and go as clients. Well, because of my schedule 18 months went by, before I finally got the nerve up to go for it.

Yes, I was nervous. Very nervous, I actually almost cancelled. The day of the surgery, everything boiled down to the bottom line. Do I like how I look right now?

I can honestly say there was no pain, there was tightness and swelling at the site, but Tylenol did do the trick. I slept well the first night in an elevated position, and had minimal bruising, that is, until I sneezed – Irish luck! O.K. so I’m black and blue, actually yellow and green now, but I do not regret my decision . And Yes I would do it all again.

Take a look at my pictures – see what you think.

Thanks Dr. Lat and Dr. Garcia-Lat and staff.


Susan S., R.N., B.S.N.

I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me. Not only is my face more beautiful, my spirit is lighter and freer and my heart warmer from the love and caring you so effortlessly gave. You two are the family I never had. Thank you.


Dear Dr. Lat,

You may want to add this to your collection. How can I thank you for what you did for me? I’ve been looking at myself in mirrors for so many years and wishing that I looked different – now I am different.
Interesting point: very few people really notice – but I do. And that’s what makes me feel so good.
Every morning that I go to the mirror to shave, I smile at myself when I see a nice, even ear profile.
You are a super-star.

Thank you again for adding a marvelous dimension to my life.


Victor S.

Dear Drs. Garcia and Lat,

Enclosed is a poem inspired by your charm, wit and ability.
The Perils of Chris and Tom
Christine has decided the time has come
A nip and tuck has to be done;
Drs. Garcia and Lat were summoned to act
To take away years, they formed a pact;
Happy and content no one could deny
Those winter months quickly passed by;
Then with the summer Chris was sad she could not tan
Tom became sadder, she ran off with a younger man.

Chris and Tom

Dear Dr. Lat,
Thank you so much for making it so easy, painless, quick…..
I love my new me!! ( ha, ha so does my husband )


Dear Dr. Lat,
I could never thank you enough for operating on me. I not only look so much better; more importantly, I feel so much better – no more back and shoulder pains.
Everyone in your office is so pleasant. Kudos to all. Again, thank you for a job well done.

Most sincerely,

Rosemary K.

Dear Dr. Lat and Staff,
I will never forget the care you all gave to me. I interviewed many doctors before I made my decision. Your immaculate office, your professional caring staff and your lovely wife all convinced me in making my decision to have you perform my surgery.
Thank you, Dr. Lat. I made a good choice. I love my new look and I owe it all to you and your great work. Thank you all.

Nora F.

Dear Dr. Lat and Dr. Garcia-Lat,
I hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season with your family. Enclosed you will find the collage I promised you. Sorry for the delay. I’ve been crazy with the kids, schoolwork and life in general.
I hope you enjoy the photos. It’s still hard to believe I ever looked as I did. Thank God those days are in the past. I am eternally grateful to you both for everything. I certainly could not have achieved this without your expertise. I have recently come into contact with several people who had the same stomach surgery (gastric bypass) that I had. They were all amazed at how I look now and I gave them all your phone number so when they are ready to get rid of that extra skin, they will know just who to call.
When I tell everyone about the surgeries I have had with you they are amazed by the whole thing, but they are most amazed when they hear how you drove me home yourself. Everyone says the same thing. “Where did you find a doctor like that?”
Whenever I am asked to give my honest, unbiased opinion of you, I always say the same thing. “If Dr. Lat ever needed a kidney, I would give him one of mine.” That pretty much sums up for them my opinion of you.
Thank you again for everything. I hope you are doing well.